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Text To Better Profits!

  • Brand your business
  • Build your Database
  • Beat your competition

Companies and Individuals lease exclusive keywords that are easy to remember. Branding their business while building their customer reach beats their competition.

Step 1 People use their phone to join your program Step 2 You can create your message within Text-USA.com Step 3 Launch your text message Step 4 People receive your message immediately How it Works

Success Story
Kevin, Owner of Designs Nails & Spa in Pasadena built his database to 1000 customers in the first month. He launched a "text-only" invitation using Text-USA for a Customer Appreciation Party for Designs Nails & Spa's 1 year anniversary. He offered discounted nail services and supplies for customers that responded. He had a turnout of over 800 customers for the event!
More to come...

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